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Umu Obiligbo – UDO DI MMA

Highlife Music : Umu – Obiligbo – Udo Di Mma Unarguably the best selling Igbo Highlife music sensations at the moment, Umu Obiligbo, the duo brothers of Akunwafor & Okpuozor, who have won the heart of many South

Umu Obiligbo – OKWU EGO

Highlife Music : Umu Obiligbo – Okwu Ego Young highlife music band, Akunwafor & Okpuozor of the sensational wave of the moment, Umu Obiligbo, on this fresh lovely song titled “Okwu Ego” (money talk) from their 2017

Umu Obiligbo – OGO AMAKA

Highlife Music : Umu Obiligbo – Ogo Amaka One thing about good music, once it hits you; you feel no pain. Highlife music stars, Umu Obiligbo, whose songs are taking over the world, returns with this beautiful song ‘Ogo


Angels wings by westlife is that song everybody loves 💘. For me this song is a pace setter, my love life started with Westlife and the music they made me know. Lyrics Snippet: On angel’s wings An angelical