Suge Knight Labels Cardi B “Tupac In A Skirt,” Pitches “Bardi x Makaveli” Music

Suge Knight Labels Cardi B “Tupac In A Skirt,” Pitches “Bardi x Makaveli” Music

An imprisoned Suge Knight used his sparingly-limited phone time to converse with the DailyMailTV’s Stephanie Haney. And let it be known: Suge and Stephanie were rather economical with their allotment, covering a range of issues which included the unreleased Tupac recordings he’s kept hidden from his estate, his son’s outlandish “2Pac is alive” conspiracies, and even a word or two on the artists he’d like a posthumous Tupac to “record with” when the time is right.

In order of least shocking to most, Suge Knight addressed his son’s assertion that 2Pac was alive and well. “For me personally, there were sightings. I knew my son was one of those times,” Knight answered in response to Haney’s suspicion over reported 2Pac sightings over the years. While Knight repeatedly told the interviewer, “Tupac is good, Tupac is good,” he nevertheless fell short of confirming or denying his existence, choosing instead to leave things open-ended, in the interest of his son’s public image.

As for the precious unreleased Pac recording under his control, he told Haney it was only a matter of time before they saw the light. “I’m not putting a timeline,’ he specified. “I’m moving like a business man. I’m a mogul millennial.”

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