Top 19 Online Sports Betting Sites (Companies) In Nigeria 2018

Every sports lover in Nigeria who wants to make money alongside try to bet on best betting sites online. They try free bets, bet shops and bet predictions 365 days round the clock. Here’s a list of top 19 online betting sites or companies In Nigeria and also, tips to starting a sports betting business.

Every sports lover in Nigeria who wants to make money alongside try to bet on best betting sites or companies online and, they try free bets, bet shops and bet predictions 365 days round the clock.

“Let’s bet it!”  I said with glint in my eyes, so sure of myself…now i was in primary school when this line was what i used especially when it comes to telling the outcome of an action or the day.

What’s my point? Even before i knew sports betting and it’s betting sites in Nigeria, i was familiar with the word “bet” and not only was i familiar with the word, i also understood the concept.

You hear adults, that possibly don’t bet or do not know what betting is nor any betting sites in Nigeria, saying “je ka ta” (meaning “lets bet it”). You see, sports betting did not just wake up in Nigeria one day and became popular.

online betting sites in nigeria

Sports betting events dates as far back as the time of Greek city states, (oh! Apologies, that was 2000 years ago), the romans then adopted this from the Greeks and turned it into money generating source (remember Spartacus and how the gladiators fight while betting goes on) via the arena, gladiators games.

Though efforts were made to squash sports betting in the middle age but sports betting already had its hold on the people (something wey done dey spit money) and those efforts were futile.

The English colonists carried it into the USA. Gbam! There goes a brief history of the oldest known form of gambling on our planet, earth.

Suffice it to say we also got the sports betting habit from our colonial masters, leading to the gradual emergence of sports betting business in Nigeria.

From the time of baba germany (2000), reported to be around ebute meta area of Lagos, to the era of 1960bet Nigeria, bet9janairabet, and others including new betting companies and their betting sites in Nigeria.

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Then (in primary school days) we locked our pinkie fingers and cut it, to seal the deal, sport betting doesn’t do that.

You place your bets with an amount of money and wait for the results, you win then you are counting money, you lose then you are biting your fingernails or having a sour look or moody.

Gone were the days of sports betting been a crime or an attitude or symptom of the never to do well types. It’s no longer something done to pass time but has become a business.

More recently, there have been a boom in sport betting business in Nigeria, with different betting sites in Nigeria.

Despite the high number of betting sites in Nigeria, there is an increase in the number of new betting sites in Nigeria. Die hard fans of top richest footballer in Nigeria, trying to be supportive could be one of the reasons asides the love for soccer!

One would think with the numbers of those involved in this sports betting business in Nigeria, there would be a reduction in the betting sites but it’s the opposite. New betting sites in Nigeria are on the high.

In this technology era, who wants to do things the analogue way? You can even bet secretly on your phone via any of the sports betting mobile sites, like bet365 naija mobile site, etc. and no more queuing like before.

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19 Best Online Football Betting Sites In Nigeria

Talk about free bets no deposit, bet predictions for free, check my list of top online betting sites (companies) In Nigeria and also, tips to starting a sports betting business

So bettors, let’s see where your favorite betting site ranks on my list of top 19 online sports betting sites in Nigeria.

NOTE: This list was compiled based on Alexa rankings on 22nd of February, 2018.

1. Bet 9ja []

bet9ja - best online sports betting sites in nigeria

“I place my bet on my phone then get my print out at the shop, bet9ja make sense” Oba said.

I can’t count how many bet9ja sign post or banner i have seen in my area, it would seem they are the baba of betting sites in Nigeria (i no dey here to talk about that one). I mean who doesn’t know bet9ja.

They have been reported to have high odds and highest bonus. They have got large customer base and this might be attributed to the fact that they pay on time.

They are not scammers, they have been in the sports betting business in Nigeria, for some time now and have been paying and are still paying their winning bettors.

They have also got a user friendly website, you can check it out via It is ranked the 3rd website in Nigeria, the 1st on my list of top 15 betting sites in Nigeria.

And that reminds me, if you haven’t checked my list of most visited blogs in Nigeria, bet9ja still makes the first on the that list.

2. Naira Bet []

top betting sites in nigeria - Nairabet

Nairabet, also one of the leading betting sites in Nigeria, is said to date back to 2009. Although said to be the first to come up with a functioning website, it ranks 32nd website in the country. Yea, its also the first to be legalized and regulated.

They have also been reported to pay promptly within 15 hours. There is increasing bonus on accumulated matches. Withdrawals can be transferred to your bank account upon request. Visit:

3. Merry Bet [www.merrybet]

merrybet - online betting site in Nigeria

Another one of the popular betting sites in Nigeria famous for its slogan, “where champions play”. Ranking 119th website in the country.

Merrybet is a prominent name in the sport betting business in Nigeria and is justified by a ton of features. It has got the instant payment, on its online site, which allows withdrawal\transfer from your merrybet account into your bank account within seconds.

It is known for its 100% bonus on first deposit plus bonus on accumulated bet. Bets can also be placed on live matches.

It is recommended for customers who use phones and laptops to bet. Visit for more…

4. Winners Golden Bet []

top online sports betting website - winnersgoldenbet

One of the betting sites in Nigeria, ranking 434th website in the country. Betwinners! Visit for variants of bettings.

Match Codes & Odds – Conditions of Winners Golden

  • Winners can delay the settlement of any bet until there is an official confirmation of results;
  • Remember, bets can be made until the end of a particular sporting event;
  • WGB has the right to abolish payment or cancel any bets if rigging is suspected;
  • Remember that the information provided by any private sites can’t be a basis for the payment of winnings. Only the official website of the match organizers are trusted sources.;
  • Keep in mind that the odds can be changed. The management of the website has the ability to change the odds without any prior notice.

5. Lions Bet []

lions bet - online betting site in nigeria

They are also involved in the sport betting business in Nigeria. If you know you are brave and have the mind, then place that bet.

This site ain’t for cubs neither are they for kittens. Want to visit this site? Check

6. Access Bet [

betting website in nigeria accessbet

This betting website in Nigeria ranks 1208th on Alexa. Don’t bother going to access bank to get access to the site…lol…visit

7. Naija Bet []

Betting company in nigeria - Naijabet

They offer bet on soccer, tennis, ice hockey and basketball, they also offer virtual betting on badminton, harnessing, dashing, motor racing, cycling, platinum, virtual football, table tennis and archery.

It is the 7th betting site in Nigeria on my list, although ranking 1403rd website in the country. Visit Naija bet’s website here:

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8. Sure Bet 247 []

betting sites (company) in Nigeria - surebet247

Surebet 247 is one of the betting sites in Nigeria, that offers sports betting, real betting, and virtual betting on reality events like football, casino, roulette, car racing, cycling, dogs and horse racing.

Mehn! they are into this sport betting business in Nigeria o, no time to waste time.

They rank 1614th website in the country. They have also got superb bonus options, secure platform and a site that is easy to use. You can visit this site via

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9. Bet Dey []

online betting site - betdey

Which day bet no dey dey? This betting site ranks 2479th website in Nigeria, visit betdey website here : They also offer you the 24/7 betting service like other betting sites in Nigeria.

10. Mars Leisure []

football betting site

Not only is it an African website but it is also one of the sports betting sites in Nigeria. It is ranked the 2671st website in the country, it has also got transparent reliability in its dealings.

So, Which Is The Best Betting Site In Nigeria?

You really want me to answer that? I can’t! You know why? Each of these sports or soccer betting sites have their strategies to getting people to use their platforms (free bets no deposits, etc.)

I guess you’ll be the one to answer that.

Quick Disclaimer: I’m not directly recommending any of these betting websites, this list is for information purposes only.

Other Sports Betting Sites

Of course, other sports betting sites include:

11. 1XBET9JA []

Don’t be deceived by its name, its not a one time betting site in Nigeria. It is very much still involved in the sport betting business in Nigeria. Ranking 3778th website in the country.

12. 1960bet []

This betting site with Nigeria independence year name (its not as old as Nigeria) cannot be exempted from the list of betting sites in Nigeria.

It features online betting games such as horse racing, casino games, live betting, football etc. It has got high odds and its website is user friendly.

It ranks 3849th website in Nigeria.

13. Fortune Bet []

It can’t be denied that quite a fortune is been made from sports betting, both the betting companies and their bettors.

Fortunebet is also one of the betting sites in Nigeria and is ranked 5507th website in the country.

14. Billion Naira Bet []

With some bettors making wins worth thousands, or millions of naira, billionairebet is an online betting site ranking 8460th website in Nigeria. It has got the typical features of an online betting site.

15. BETWIN9JA []

Place your bet and win on this online betting site in Nigeria, Nigerians are not restricted from using this site. It is ranked the 8491st website in the country.

  • Bet3659ja
  • Lovingbet
  • 9japredict
  • Championsbet,

Surprisingly, new betting companies are coming up.

Starting a Sport Betting Business In Nigeria

Yes! Betting sites make money (I mean serious money) and you may be tempted to start your own betting business in Nigeria.

Anyway, asides the list of best betting sites, I’ve also got you tips to starting a sports betting site here in Nigeria.

7 Tips to Starting a Sports Betting Business In Nigeria

If you’re sure that sports betting business is the business for you, use these 7 tips:

  • First, register your sport betting company with the Corporate Affairs Commission. This should take around a week or two.
  • Apply and acquire the required license: You need to visit National Lottery Regulatory Commissions of Nigeria to apply and obtain the require license, for you to be a sports betting company in Nigeria.
  • Open or Rent a Bet Shop/Office: Open an office where people can get in touch with you and place their bets, claim their earnings or make complaints.
  • Create and launch your betting website: You should have a website for your business where anyone can get more information about how you operate.
  • Create payment and betting platforms
  • Open more betting outlets in more than one location: More outlets means more people, and in turn, more profit for your betting business.
  • Promote your sports betting company: Marketing is so important in any business (either online or offline). To make your business a success, you must get the word out via various digital marketingplatforms.

Last Notes on Top Betting Sites In Nigeria

Though there is still the popular scolding about gambling with sport betting bearing the brunt of most scolding.

Let’s not forget that it has changed the way Nigerians follow football, created employment opportunities, changed the lives of some, and some other good things.

Despite having its good sides, it has also gotten its bad sides. I mean, its gambling we are talking about here. Some have lost the roof over their heads because of gambling, and some other negative impact of gambling.

I’d love to have your opinion, do drop a comment.

Top 19 Online Sports Betting Sites (Companies) In Nigeria 2018


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