How To Activate MTN Zone Tariff Plan Codes And Benefits

The Benefits Of Mtn Zone Plan
using mtn zone as your preferred tariff plan,you
are going to enjoy the follow exiting services.
*.You can enjoy mtn to mtn calls for as low as
1kb/s,this is a good achievement of the mtn
zone tariff plan,although sometimes the network
goes vice-versa,but with this mtn zone tariff plan
you can enjoy very low flat rates
*.Access to all Mtn value added services, with
the mtn zone tariff plan you can access all mtn
value added services which is not available in
some tariff plans as well
*.Start of call notification, you will start using the
start of call notification free when you are on the
mtn zone tariff plan,which is paid in some tariff
plans as well.
*.Happy hour,you will enjoy all the benefits of the
mtn happy hour bundles.
*.Free data,with mtn zone tariff plan you will be
giving free mb data from time to time, i know
one of my friend who gets almost 200mb from

How To Migrate To Mtn Zone Tariff Plan


*.its simple and straight forward, to migrate to
the amazing mtn zone tariff just dial *135*1# on
your mtn Sim to migrate and start saving some

*.how to migrate to mtn zone from mtn pulse,you
can migrate to mtn zone by using the ussd code above Some Information And Ussd Codes For Mtn Zone 2016

How To Migrate

*.As I earlier mentioned before, you can migrate
to mtn zone tariff plan by dialing *135*1#
How To Know Your Mtn Zone Registration Status
*.To know your mtn zone registration status you
can dial *135#

How To Deactivate Mtn Zone

*.You can deactivate mtn zone by using *135*9#
Applicable Tariffs
*.you can check the applicable tariff by using
this code*135*3#
For Zone help,notification on,notification
off,information and cell broadcast set-up you can
use the following code

*.notification on : *135*7#

*.notification off : &135*6#

*.information : *135*8#

*.Cell broadcast set up information : * 135*4#

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