Btc School: Online Seminar On Bitcoin Investment And Growth!


I got a call from someone who happens to be living near to me yeterday night and he wants to learn how to Bitcoin investment works. Hopefully, we get to meet today so i can help him get started with the basic things such as Bitcoin wallet selection, funding before we proceed to investing. So, i thought, if you can do this for just about anyone, why not just do it for everyone?

And that’s exactly what am going to do in this thread.
Here, in this thread that am starting this Sunday, i want to put smile on some Nigerians’ faces. I intend to walk you through the processes involved in

Getting started with Bitcoin
Creating your bitcoin account
Funding your Bitcoin account
Using the BTC in there to Invest here in Nigeria
Monitoring your progress and getting results!

That’s exactly what i intend to do in this thread. Hopefully, we will be able to graduate some Advanced Bitcoin Investors who were formerly newbies when they landed here!


That siad, i also want to mention that this thread is not going to be a one-day thread as i will be updating it from time to time as i extend the tutorials and introduce new and exciting opportunities here.

We better get started…

First of all, WHAT IS BITCOIN?o_O

That’s as simple as it gets. BTC can be rightfully viewed as a legal tender, a means of exchange of goods and services, a currency but a DIGITAL ONE!

Bitcoin exists only in digital form and all you have to do when you need your money in Bitcoin is to convert it to naira by selling to anyone who wants to buy or some companies that buys Bitcoins

How we are going to be working with Bitcoins as Investors
Another simple concept i want to clarify now.

It happens in 3 stages

  • We Buy:rolleyes:
  • We invest and grow:p
  • We sell and realize our money back!:)

We can continue this look for as long as we wish

What you need to start Investing in Bitcoins?

1. Some Money: This is what we will convert to Bitcoins initially. It can be small like 1000 naira and it can be big like 2 million naira. It’s entirely up to you!

2. An android phone or A PC: Any of them will do the job just fine

3. A wallet address:
This is similar to your Bank account details:rolleyes:. And it’s free on the internet.
Learn how to get a Bitcoin Wallet

After that, we start investing!

Various Bitcoin Investments on the Internet?

As you will probably guess, there are quite a lot of them out there waiting for you to Jump in. While some are genuine, others just want to scam you and make away with your money so i will give you one golden advice:
Always share your Intended Bitcoin Investments here on Jackobian before you go ahead because that way you can get advise on whether it’s for real or NOT and trust me, most times, it’s not reaL!

Some of the Most Common Investments that people do with their Bitcoins include

1. HYIP:eek::eek::eek:
Meaning High Yield Investment Programs!
Very dangerous. they can fetch you a lot of money in minutes but never invest here if you cannot handle a 90% chance of losing your money:D
Usually, the risk is higher than that buddy. Just stay clear

2. Peer to Peer Donations:)
lly cool stuff. We have a number of them here in the forums that are well known to be doing well and they include MMM, Crowdrising and others.

3. Others

There are tons of other Investment opportunities out there but they may not really pay as good as these ones do!

That said, let’s now see how we can steer this around and get started investing our Bitcoins safely and also making some good returns!


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  1. emmanuel prince says

    whats the latest way to invest bitcoin?

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