BTC Victory – Get 50% in 20 Days ROI Bitcoin [Registration & Login]

A new platform called BTC Victory

As the name implies – Being victorious with BTC … *LOL*

What is this platform called BTC Victory all about?

Its a mutual aid platform like MMM, Get Help Worldwide and the rest.

BTC comes with a different ideology, unlike MMM United that promises 100% in 30 days, BTC Victory promises 50% in 20 days which means this platform has the potential to last more than its counterpart.

This is a break down on how it works

A member declares a willingness to provide help within the range of $20 minimum to $2000 maximum, for verification purposes, 10% of the amount will come.

Let’s say you declared a willingness to help someone with $100, a verification link will come within 0-48hours for you to send 10% of your pledge, if you fail to send your account will be blocked.

This reduces fake proof of payment, thereby increasing member dedication.

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50% in 20 days –> Bitcoin only

The currency used here is Bitcoin alone.

I’m scared… Is this like MMM Express that crashed after a month?

BTC Victory is certainly not like MMM Express, everything is transparent here and confirmation is done manually by participants not by the system, there is no manipulation of any sort here.

Speed bonus

Sender: 2% If sender complete his PH within 6 hours
Receiver: 1% If receiver confirm his GH within 6 hours

Direct Referral Bonus:

If a member refers a participant directly through his referral link then he will get 10% as direct referral bonus

Guider’s criteria & Bonus:

To achieve a guider position, there should be self PH commitment of minimum 200$ and refers directly 10 members with PH commitment of 200$ of each id. Guider will get bonus as per following levels:
5% Level 1

3% Level 2

2% Level 3

1% Level 4 to Level 8

Manager’s criteria & Bonus:

To achieve manager position there should be 10 guiders under a guider. Manager will get bonus as per following level:

5% Level 1

3% Level 2

2% Level 3

1% Level 4 to Level 8

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Can BTC Victory Last Long?…. If yes what are the criteria put in place to ensure the longevity of this platform

According to calculations BTC Victory will last long but not forever, start now….


What kills a system is when a member collects and fails to give back to the system, then it causes a loop hole in the system which destroys the system little by little.

BTC Victory makes it compulsory for all members to recommit when GHing to ensure the system keeps running…

How is the recommitment stuff done?

Let’s say you provided help of $100 before, after 20 days, on the 21st day you requested to get help.

The system will ask you to make a pledge of something higher or the same as your last PH…

What does that mean?

Your last PH is $100 right?

You cannot PH below $100 again, its either you recommit $100 again or you pledge something higher..

You will have to pay 10% of that pledge before you will be matched to Get Help.

BTC Victory is cool… Isn’t it?

How do I get started?

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BTC Victory Registration

Before registering, you should have a valid email address, a bitcoin wallet if you don’t have a bitcoin wallet, you have to create a free one.

Bitcoin wallet –> read more on how to create your bitcoin wallet

You need your btc address from your bitcoin wallet… Your Bitcoin wallet is like your bank account number, its used to receive bitcoin into your wallet.

Click here to register

Fill this form accordingly

Email –> Your email address. Make sure it is valid

Sponsor ID —> You should see, if its not there, write it there so that you can be added to the WhatsApp group.

Country —>Nigeria

BTC Address —> Copy your BTC address from your bitcoin wallet (it should be a mixture of alphabets and numbers)

Confirm Password —> Input your password (the one you want to be using)

Full Name —> Your Full name

Sponsor Name —> Hope Praise should be there, leave it empty if its not there

Mobile Number —> Input a valid phone number

Password —> Input your password again, the one you inputted in the confirm password above

Click create account

Your good to go… You can proceed to login

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You are required to Provide help of what you can afford…

You want more bonus?

You can become a guider and also a manager, go out there tell more people about BTC Victory.

You are not forced to refer people, you will get your money if you don’t refer people, but you can earn more by telling people, your friends about the scheme and you stand to get 10% direct referral bonus.

You can still get Stay Bonus if you start with a minimum of $100… You can read more from the website after registration.

BTC Victory Login

Having issues logging in?

Click here to login

UserId –> input your email address (start with a lowercase letter)

Password —> Your password.

If it shoes invalid, input your email address the way you registered it, its case sensitive.

About the WhatsApp group.

The WhatsApp group is here for you, earn yourself a spot free of charge.

All you have to do is register through the link in the article, your phone number, name will be shown to us, SMS containing the WhatsApp group link will be sent to your mobile number from us.

It all depends on you.

Gat questions?… Please use the comment box

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