Review: Datawallet – A Blockchain Powered Data Exchange With Win-win For Users And Developers

Hy guys, let’s discuss Datawallet, a platform which enable the users to share their data with a trusted companies and earn tokens, let’s take a ride together

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What is Datawallet?

Datawallet is the application for data exchange that will pay users for selling personal data to advertisers. With Datawallet, users will be able to monetize their data by selling access to certain trusted organizations. Companies then will be able to use this data to create applications managed by AI.

Datawallet is aimed at providing the best solution for today’s data broker industry. Nowadays, companies, called data brokers, are striving for all kinds of data, and then sell these data to organizations without the explicit consent of users.

Datawallet is based on the belief that only a user should own and control the data. Datawallet is a market where users are able to share their data with trusted companies, and then earn tokens in exchange for the sale of this data. Users can transparently monitor how their data is used. Meanwhile, companies can pay for access to precise, specific user data in order to stimulate the development of IA systems.

The challenge

By 2022, data will be the most valuable resource on earth. But while we are the creators of this data, we do not seem to own it. Companies called Data Brokers scrape and sell our data without our consent, economically disenfranchising data creators and earning hundreds of billions each year while endangering businesses by flooding them with low quality data.

The solution

We believe that data should be owned and controlled by the people who create it – the users. That’s why we built the Datawallet, a blockchain powered data exchange that puts people in charge of their data and empowers developers to bring to live the next generation of world-class applications

How it works
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Advantages of DataWallet

– Monetize And Utilize Your Data Assets

DataWallet gives you the ability to digitally monetize data assets that are rightfully yours. Then, you can deploy them in a variety of ways, including selective based data dispensing to interested buyers, instead of all or nothing, and a whole lot more.

– Enjoy Full Transparency And Personalized Service

Since DataWallet uses the Blockchain to power it’s core dynamics, all events remain publicly accessible to anyone with internet connection. This means that you’ll never have to worry about people making false allegations about your activities because the BlockChain public access event records disprove false allegations with 100% accuracy.

And DataWallet is taking self sovereignty to the next level. Soon, you’ll be able to use it to personalize nearly any AI driven service out there. Think Amazon, Netflix, etc. DataWallet acts as a passport to Internet 3.0 with complete data linking ability.

– Deploy Digital Smart Contracts

Smart contracts eliminate “middleman”, thus saving money on fees, and rely on the Blockchain to keep contract participants updated through every step of the contract. And contract progress updates are 100% automated, without any stress.

– Open Source Architecture

With DataWallet, programmers can present their custom additions to the current site makeup. Through the API, programmers can gather to discuss possible projects and collaborate their work efforts to make DataWallet better and better.
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The DataWallet Whitelist Pre-Sale

DataWallet is proud to present their grand opening whitelist pre-sale, which is coming soon. This gives interested investors a chance to invest in DataWallet tokens at a super low price! Blockchain-based technologies are one of the hottest new business designs of our time, so investing in Blockchain-based start-ups is set to yield huge profits as the technology matures!

Data Exchange Token (DXT) Sale Summary
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Webpage: The world’s most powerful data exchange | Datawallet

Website The world’s most powerful data exchange | Datawallet


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