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Have you heard of Mutual Xchange.

A new platform that is here to make you more richer with standard features and potentials.

Official website is

Ponzi itself have gone rogue, many lost, many cheated, many gained… Its all about profit and loss.

According to this new mutual aid platform called Mutual Xchange, the headline on the website is WELCOME ON YOUR JOURNEY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

This is a new platform, I wouldn’t have wasted my time to write about this platform, I saw some features this platform boasts off which is not in other platforms.

This platform has no problem, the only thing that can bring down this platform is you and I, … We are the ones to keep this platform running, they promise good feature, security and simplicity.

The features are mind blowing..

Let me list out some of the core features.

  • 40% in 15 days (NAIRA)
  • 50% in 15 days (Bitcoin)
  • 20% down payment – to know if you are serious about your pledge, you have will be matched instantly to make a payment of exactly 20% of your PH to another member, let’s say you declared the willingness to help someone with N50,000, you will be matched to pay N10,000 out of the N50K which is exactly 20% under 24 hours to another participant, if you fail to do so your account will be blocked.
  • Phone Number Verification – before you provide help on this platform you must have verified your phone number, after registering, the next is phone number verification, a code will be sent to the phone number you inputted if you fail to verify your phone number, your account will be deleted under 3 days because it will be regarded as a dormant account.
  • Dormant account is deleted within 5 days, if you register now and you do not provide help within 5 days, your account will be cleared off the website database, serious participants are needed.
  • 10% referral bonus – you get 10% bonus from your direct downline PH
  • Guider bonus – you get bonus from members in your structure, you need 15 minimum Downlines to be able to apply for a guider position.
  • Roll Over – recommitment plan is very essential to the smooth running of a mutual aid platform, when you want to Get help from the platform, you can only be allowed to cashout 90% of your GH, the other 10% will be on hold and will be added to your next GH which means you have to keep providing new help to get 10% from your previous GH. A nice feature indeed.
  • Dedicated support – support is available both online and offline, there is a chat icon you can initiate a quick chat with available agent to get clarifications.
  • Uptime server – a strong server to accommodate thousands of participants.
  • This platform fits Nigerians, we need something like this to keep us moving in the time of recession. C’mon guys let’s rock!
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With 50% – BITCOIN, 40% – LOCAL currency increment on your funds, and referral bonuses,

MUTUAL XCHANGE helps you to achieve your financial desires within a short period.

Here, participants help and get help in return on the safest platform ever designed where participants have access to admins via live chat and get their complaints solved immediately.

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MUTUALXCHANGE helps you increase your earnings using the following features:

ROI 50% in 15 days for BTC.

ROI 40% in 15 Days for Local currency.

14 days Locked in Period.

Solution to fake POP issues which includes the ability to flag and dispute a transaction.

Email notifications; this helps you to keep control of your account and allow you to proactively monitor your accounts 24/7

Phone number verification which curtails the high rate of multiple and inactive accounts recorded in other platforms.

ROLL OVER {i.e. only 90% of total GH can be withdrawn from the system}. This encourages participants to provide help (PH) again soon after Getting help (GH) and thus helps the survival of the system and prevents a potential crash as suffered by most other platforms.

20% insurance fee of total pH with is matched for payment within 24hrs of creating a pH request. (This is to filter fraudulent and mischievous accounts). The remaining 80% will be matched within the lock-in period.

All pending payments are automatically confirmed within 36hrs if payments are not flagged as fake by receiver.

Dedicated Support; You are not alone. We have an active support team which comprises of experienced staff who are prompt in responding to your issues and complaints.

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You must PH within the first THREE days of creating an account with MUTUALXCHANGE or have your account deleted permanently from our system. *Login*

This is to increase user activity and reduce inactive accounts.

You cannot create a new account with an email, phone number, Bank account/wallet details that already exists in our system.

This is to prevent multiple accounts.

Dormant accounts are deleted from the system after 5 days of inactivity.

This applies to old accounts.

An account is said to be dormant if the participant has not initiated a PH or GH request, is not in their lock or waiting period or in a temporary moratorium.

More to follow…

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